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We provide general-purpose and application-specific nuclear-radiation detection products to instrument builders. And integrating our detector into the core of your instrument just got easier – see a list of simple, but practical, web applications. Coded like a website in PHP, they can be viewed and executed in a web-browser – on any device that runs web browser.

We have a rich knowledge base and routinely customize hardware, firmware and software to help our customers distinguish their instruments from the competition.

Our expertise helps to shorten the product development cycle and remove risk, which allows our customers to even target markets with short life spans.

Our DAQ methods work with any scintillator. Our software core, the Morpho Data Server (MDS) has been implemented on embedded and desktop computing platforms - Win/Linux, Intel/Arm.

Clients can connect to the MDS on the same machine or wirelessly via Ethernet. Clients can be written in almost any programming language. We provide examples in C++, Python, Java, PHP/html and others.

Our radiation detectors can easily and effectively be controlled through a web browser — from a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smart phone.

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