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Single-channel MCA for all scintillators
eMorpho multichannel analyser

The eMorpho is a single-input multichannel analyser, designed to work with all scintillators.

This is a low-cost, low-power MCA to acquire energy spectra and accurate count rates. Beyond that, it employs real-time digital signal processing for advanced features such as list mode and on-the-fly pulse shape analysis.

It connects directly to the PMT anode, requiring no preamplifier, and is powered and controlled via USB. The device is specified over a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C.

Quick Specs
  • Works with any scintillator
  • Energy histogram (on board) 4096 x 32
  • Accurate count rate measurements
  • Oscilloscope: 1024-point waveform capture
  • List mode: Stores energies and time stamps
  • Pulse shape analysis: For pile up rejection and particle identification
  • Non-volatile memory, 256 byte to 128 kByte
  • USB-power: +5V, 60mA (std., 12-bit, 80MSPS ADC)
  • Waveform digitizing ADC: 12 bit, 80MSPS;
  • Open source application programmer's interface (API, C and C++)
  • Graphics user interface eMt_Client (Win XP/7/8 and Linux)
  • Powers and operates hvBase plug-on PMT power supplies
  • Morpho Data Server supports native apps and web-browsers
  • Histograms, traces and list mode buffers can be extended in size.
Part numbers
Characteristics Part Number
ff=20,80: 20MSPS or 80MSPS ADC bb=10,12: 10 or 12-bit ADC eMorpho-ffbb
Part Number 1-4
All $1950