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Our multichannel analysers (MCA) have been designed to serve all scintillator detectors – from fast plastics and high-precision LaBr3 to standard NaI(Tl), CsI(Na). One device and one software supports all.

The MCA's are very fast, with conversion times as short as 100ns, so it is never the instrument that limits throughput and precision.

The single-input MCA's are available as stand-alone units emorpho or integrated with a high voltage supply as oemBase and usbBase

The qMorpho is a 4-input unit that provides four independent MCA's with added support for coincidence spectroscopy.

All our MCA's use only digital signal processing for all their tasks. These include triggering, pile-up inspection via pattern recognition and particle identification (such as neutron vs gamma discriminiation) – all on the fly, without slowing down the MCA.

The plug-on MCA's are compatible with all major 2 to 5-inch PMT pinouts, supporting 8, 9, and 10 dynode PMT's. Smaller PMT's are served by in-line versions of the eMorpho and the miniBase.

The eMorpho MCA units use the Morpho Data Server, which can accept connections locally or from any Ethernet-connected device.

Click on the images to see a more detailed description of the individual devices. See the Sensor Kit page for portable assemblies.

usbBase plug-on
oemBase plug-on
4-input qMorpho